Executioner - Its Just A Job Mate

by Michael English

Summary: The soldiers who put Jesus to death were most likely ordinary men doing an honest days work. They probably had families who loved them. They could have been any one of us. A good sketch for Easter.

Bible Reference: Luke 23:33-38

Characters: Narrator, Bill - a soldier, Bert - another soldier, Jesus

Props: A large cross. Hammer and nails. Postcard. Cloak

Setting: Golgotha.

(In the centre of the stage is a large cross. Two soldiers, Bill and Bert, lead Jesus in.)

Narrator: When they came to the place known as "The Skull", they crucified Jesus. They also crucified two criminals, one on his right the other on his left.

(Jesus stands with his arms outstretched in front of the cross, whilst the two soldiers bang nails into his hands, one either side)

Bert: Nice day for an execution n' it.

Bill: Yeah! Don't you just hate it when its dull...

Bert: Or raining.

Bill: Can't stand putting people to death when its raining.

Bert: It's so morbid.

(Bill and Bert examine Jesus from the sides so they can speak and still face the audience)

Bill: Not much worth having on this one.

Bert: Wot, just underpants and stuff.

Bill: You'ld think he could at least have been a decent criminal, so that we can get a share of the booty.

Bert: Hey. This cloaks not bad!

Bill: Dice you for it!

Bert: What did this one do?

Bill: Sign says..

Together: The King of the Jews.

Bert: But Pilate said he was innocent. Washed his hands of him they said.

Bill: You mean we're executing an innocent man. Something wrong there.

Bert: Well, I suppose someone's got to do it.

Bill: Still, the hours are good in this job.

Bert: (Changing the subject) Did I show you that post card that Roger sent us: (Gets out a postcard and reads) Tiberius is crowded, but the weather is nice. Wish you were here. NOT!

(They come round the front and look at Jesus)

Jesus: Forgive them, Father, they don't know what they are doing.

This script is Copyright 1995 Michael English, All Saints Milton. Permission is given to use this drama in non-profit making church events provided the source is acknowledged. Some editing may be required to suit local conditions. Please let us know if you have any comments.

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