God's Football Kit

By Michael English

Summary: Paul writes about God's armour in Ephesians chapter 6, but not many of us wear armour these days. Most people are more familiar with football kit. Perhaps this is the allegory Paul would have used if he were writing for the 21st Century. This sketch is best performed after a reading from Ephesians 6:12-18 or similar.

Bible Reference: Ephesians 6: 12-18

Characters: Michael and Andrew - two footballers. A "Supporter"

Props: Football, Team sheet, Team Scarf (We use a Norwich City scarf with "Jesus Saves" on it). The two footballers must be fully kitted out so they can illustrate the items as they talk about them. The Supporter has football kit on under normal clothes.

Setting: A church service

(Two footballers, Andrew and Michael, enter in full kit - possibly muddy. Michael carries a ball)

Andrew: What's all this about armour? Nobody wears armour these days!

Michael: You're right. If Paul had been writing today, I think he'd have written about God's Football Kit!

Andrew: You mean like, "Put on the shin pads of faith. With faith you will be protected against the wild tackles of the evil one?"

Michael: Yes, "Put on the shirt of righteousness. Righteous actions show whose side you're on just like a shirt in the team's colours."

Andrew: Wear the shorts of truth. Without truth I am an embarrassment to Jesus, just as my team would be embarrassed if I played without shorts.

Michael: Look at the team sheet of salvation. Remember God may have picked you for his team, but you have to turn up to play.

Andrew: This is the ball. (Points at ball) It represents the Good News of Peace, that Jesus died for your sins.

Michael: Its good to have it, but its better to pass it on. (Throws ball to some suitably primed person in the congregation.)

Andrew: Finally, the word of God which dwells within you is like Spirit filled football boots with which you can shoot hard and accurately. Use them to score spectacular goals.

Michael: We've also got a supporters scarf. We need a supporter to help with it. (The "Supporter" comes up on stage. They help unravel the scarf and hold it up.)

Andrew: You're a supporter are you? Now here we have a difference. With God I'm afraid there aren't any supporters.

(The supporter takes off their normal clothes. They have football kit on underneath)

Michael: If you're on God's side then you are a player in God's team, with all the responsibilities and benefits that brings.

(In some situations you could end the sketch by singing a team song)

This script is Copyright 1996 Michael English, All Saints Milton. Permission is given to use this drama in non-profit making church events provided the source is acknowledged. Some editing may be required to suit local conditions. Please let us know if you have any comments.

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