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In line with the latest guidance from the Church of England and following risk assessment, All Saints welcomes you back into the Church building for some services. Services started with the 8am Sunday Holy Communion services on Sunday 2nd August, with a 3pm Afternoon Service to align with the outdoor childrens activities.

There will also be a midweek service at 2pm on Wednesdays.

Because of physical distancing recommendations the number of seats is limited, so to manage this and avoid disappointment if you arrive and we're already full, we are reserving seats, booked online (free, via Eventbrite). Click here to reserve your places (any service). Each booking is for a pair of seats. If you are coming on your own you will need to reserve a single pair of seats and if two people from the same household are coming together then they reserve one pair of seats between them. If you have issues with online booking you can call 07835 567171 to reserve.

We will also be LiveStreaming the two Sunday services so please join us that way if you prefer. Further information on how to join us can be found here.

As sung worship is still not permitted, the 10-30am Sunday services remain online only for the moment but we are looking into other styles of service that would work with the current restrictions.

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Social distancing and hygiene measures will of course be in place. Chairs have been spaced in pairs two metres apart, and places at all services must be booked in advance. This is simply to avoid you turning up for worship and finding no space available. In normal circumstances, a problem we’d love to have! When you book, we need to take some details from you, to comply with the government’s track and trace scheme.Once the service is full, booking will close. Booking for 8am and 3pm Sunday services will open on Thursdays, and for the Wednesday 2pm service on Mondays. When you arrive, you will be asked to use hand sanitser, and you may have to wait briefly to be seated. Members of the welcome team will be there to assist you. Entry will be by the South door of the churchl. Wearing a face covering in church is now mandatory under government advice, so please wear one if you are able.

Holy Communion will be distributed to people in their seats to cut down the amount of moving around. The person distributing will wear a mask/visor, and will have washed and sanitised their hands before celebrating Communion, and again before distributing the bread. We will use wafers, and the common cup will remain suspended, for clear hygiene reasons. The words, ‘The body of Christ, keep you in eternal life’ will be said once to the whole congregation. For now, we will use the screen or service books / single use service sheets, which will be quarantined/destroyed after the service.

We are not allowed to sing in church, so any music used will be from recordings. We are used to having several people involved in leading, preaching, reading Scripture, leading intercessions, helping at Communion. Again, for infection control reasons, this will not be possible for now. We will be led by the service leader and preacher only (they may be the same person!).

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