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Update from Cambridge City Foodbank



Sadly, the need for foodbanks is increasing and yet there is a growing concern around food donations and ensuring we have enough to go around all of the centres plus the two Fairbite shops.
One of the reasons the food bank thinks the volume of food donations has dipped is due to more and more people doing their weekly shop online post-lockdown.

Therefore, Cambridge City Foodbank is now listed on Bankuet, a website which enables people to make a monetary donation online, selecting their local Foodbank, and the organisation then buys and delivers our most-needed items direct to us. We hope to see the positive impact of this initiative over the next few weeks and months. Alternatively this can be done via the Foodbank website here

All Saints Milton also continues to collect items for the foodbank and these are taken every fortnight by our volunteers. The collection point is in our church porch and is always there so any donations can be dropped off at any time. The foodbank accepts donations of food, drinks, toiletries, nappies, laundry and household cleaning items (they can not accept baby milk, bottled water or alcohol)

Cambridge Foodbank are currently out of stock of – Rice Pudding, Juice/squash, oil, jam, noddles, ‘Pasta ‘n Sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, salt and pepper, soap.

If anyone is in need of help from the Foodbank they can contact the church as we are able to give vouchers or the foodbank direct on 07772 538628

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