View from the Tower

The clock

The church clock was installed in the tower in 1848, paid for largely by money received from the Great Eastern Railway as compensation for parish land acquired for the railway line. The clock chimes on the hour and was originally hand wound, but is now wound electrically and is rather loud if you happen to be in there at the time! In the clock room there are several initials carved into the wall by people from 1864 right through to 2001...

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The tower at All Saints contains four bells. At some point they have all been re-hung and no longer swing, rather the clapper is pulled by rope to strike the bell. The bell with the hammer is the hour chime of the clock.

 Below are some views from inside the bell room of the tower

100_1547.jpg 100_1546.jpg 100_1545.jpg 100_1596.jpg
100_1573.jpg 100_1574.jpg 100_1593.jpg 100_1594.jpg
100_1595.jpg 100_1572.jpg

Views from the top

100_1571.jpg 100_1552.jpg 100_1553.jpg 100_1554.jpg
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100_1560.jpg 100_1567.jpg 100_1568.jpg 100_1569.jpg
100_1570.jpg 100_1551.jpg 100_1592.jpg 100_1576.jpg
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