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Service LiveStreams

The 8am Holy Communion and 3pm Sunday services will be livestreamed for those who cannot or don't wish to join us in the church building. The 10:30am services will be available on the AllSaints Milton Youtube channel. as currently. Recordings of the 8am and 3pm services will also be available after broadcast.

To begin with we are streaming to Microsoft Teams and YouTube. Streams will start just before the service time. Any issues or feedback please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we're new to this too! 

Microsoft Teams (preferred)

Link to live stream via Teams - https://allsaintsmilton.org.uk/live

Viewable on PC or phone, No login, app or download is required, unless you only use Safari but you can download the Teams app for free when prompted if you prefer. The streams are set up to allow anonymous viewing - login if you already have a Microsoft account, or just select 'Join Anonymously' 

The link above should update to the next service, if not please refresh your browser (Ctrl+F5) to ensure you get the latest link.

Microsoft help page on joining Live Events

Youtube Live

Link to live stream via Youtube -  https://allsaintsmilton.org.uk/youtubelive

Alternatively it should appear on the AllSaints Milton Youtube channel.

Viewable on PC or phone or smartTV, No login, app or download is required. If you get an error message it may be because the livestream has not started yet, please try closer to the start time.

Note that Youtube operates a live scan for matching copyrighted material and may blank out or mute sections of the stream if it detects copyrighted material, even if we have permission to use it, this is outside our control.

Audio Recordings

As before, the audio recordings of  the last 100 services are available as a  podcast - details here, or services going back even further from here.


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