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A completely new Electoral Roll needs to be prepared this year (2019), so please remember to complete and return an Electoral Roll application form as soon as you can to the church office, or pop in the church office box in the foyer.

The Electoral Roll is the basic list maintained in every parish of all those entitled to vote on elections within the Church of England. Those entitled to have their names on this roll have to be 16 years of age or more and they must reside in the relevant parish or be regular worshippers in church whose roll they wish to join. It does not cost you anything, or directly affect the Parish contributions to the Diocese.


All Saints Reading Group will meet at 7.30 pm on March 12th to discuss Walter Brueggemann’s Truth Speaks to Power: The Countercultural Nature of Scripture (also available online as an ebook from Barnes & Noble to read with a Nook app), and on June 12th to discuss Tom Wright’s book Paul: A Biography (also available to loan free of charge on Kindle if you have Prime membership). If you have a book suggestion for the autumn please speak to Eileen Henderson.




Every year since Ekisa was founded, we have showed the children how much we care for them by sending a personal Christmas gift to each of the children who live in the residential home.


We have done this with the generous help of Lighthouse Toys in Histon, in addition to the gifts we send, Lighthouse Toys also send gifts, toys and educational supplies to be used in the home and school.

This year Lighthouse Toys have already sent an individual, personal gift to every child who lives in the Ekisa home, (Emily has taken these back with her.)

This gives us the opportunity to bless the children who attend the Ekisa Academy with some new toys and educational equipment, and those who live in the home to have some new toys to play with.

Before going back to Uganda Emily visited Lighthouse Toys and created a ‘wish list’ of items, these start from under £5 .

Everyone is invited to come along to Lighthouse Toys, High Street, Histon on Saturday 15th Dec, between 9am – 5pm to view Emily’s wish list and buy something to bless the children at Ekisa.

If you are unable to come along but would like to contribute then you can give a donation to Michelle Peters or hand into the office marked ‘Ekisa shopping day’.


All Saints Youth


Y6 transitioning - Y7 // Sunday 3.00 - 4.00PM 


Youth Y8-13 // Sunday 7.00 - 8.30PM


The clock

The church clock was installed in the tower in 1848, paid for largely by money received from the Great Eastern Railway as compensation for parish land acquired for the railway line. The clock chimes on the hour and was originally hand wound, but is now wound electrically and is rather loud if you happen to be in there at the time! In the clock room there are several initials carved into the wall by people from 1864 right through to 2001...

100_1543.JPG 100_1539.JPG 100_1542.JPG 100_1536.JPG


The tower at All Saints contains four bells. At some point they have all been re-hung and no longer swing, rather the clapper is pulled by rope to strike the bell. The bell with the hammer is the hour chime of the clock.

 Below are some views from inside the bell room of the tower

100_1547.jpg 100_1546.jpg 100_1545.jpg 100_1596.jpg
100_1573.jpg 100_1574.jpg 100_1593.jpg 100_1594.jpg
100_1595.jpg 100_1572.jpg

Views from the top

100_1571.jpg 100_1552.jpg 100_1553.jpg 100_1554.jpg
100_1556.jpg 100_1557.jpg 100_1558.jpg 100_1559.jpg
100_1560.jpg 100_1567.jpg 100_1568.jpg 100_1569.jpg
100_1570.jpg 100_1551.jpg 100_1592.jpg 100_1576.jpg
100_1580.jpg 100_1582.jpg 100_1587.jpg 100_1589.jpg
100_1590.jpg 100_1591.jpg 100_1575.jpg